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The list of our business divisions to better understand the structure of our company

Financial & Investment Division

G.I.F. S.A. provides a comprehensive range of Investment & Financial services, including financing of the projects of modernization of products line, capital raising, maximization of shareholder value and financial advisory.
We discover for our clients the new opportunities of growth and expansion to raise their business to higher levels. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will help you to find the best solutions to achieve the desired results and you will not regret.We boast a dominant position in the market for investment and financial client services.

Machine Tools Division

Participation in financing of projects on modernization of manufactures has allowed our company to gain considerable experience in the organization of deliveries of modern machine tools and the technological equipment. Gradually, with the steady advancement of electronic technology, machines that could automatically performing molding tools, came into being. We offer you sophisticated machine tools that will help in the invention of machines that speed up assembly-line and manufacturing processes by a considerable degree. Answering the increased inquiries from our clients, we have decided to create separate department which we name GIF – Machine tools: Priority activities of G.I.F. S.A. – Machine Tools Division is selection and delivery of the machines-tools, equipments, machining attachment, tools and component parts and engineering services.

Trading Division

Located in the heart of Europe, GIF. S.A. is one of the largest distributors in Belarus market the cosmetically household chemicals and toilet goods. GIF. S.A. represents more than 20 leading manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America (Henkel, GlaxoSmithKline, Schwarzkopf, Johnson &Johnson, Colgate, Harper Hygienic, Delittisue and Evyap. We believe that if a company does not progress then it regresses. Our structure and processes allow us to manage efficiently rapid growth in sales, services, product range and clients enquiry’s.

Airspace Division

Air transport is of key importance for European growth and competitiveness. Our new G.I.F. S.A. – Airspace Division specializes in the design and manufacture of aircraft models for aerodynamic testing and assessment of aircraft ecology with respect to community noise. Since 2009 G.I.F. S.A. – Airspace Division participate in the European Communities “Clean Sky” Joint Technology Initiative.

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